Board of Investigators and Advisors

The Board of Investigators & Advisors was established and is maintained to provide accused students with qualified and knowledgeable representatives and to provide the Honor & Ethics Council with a full knowledge of the facts and context of the case. The over-arching principle binding advisors and investigators to the judicial system is the search for truth, which must be undertaken in a spirit of cooperation and sharing of information.

The members of the Board of Investigators & Advisors for the 2016-2017 academic year:


Alex Althans

Hunty Brown

Alex Fowler (Co-Chair)

Virginia Hamilton

Jessica Holtsclaw

Maya Jones

Alex Katz

Aditya Mudigonda (Abroad for Fall)

Austin Offnick

Johnny Petersen (Co-Chair)

Jayson Pugh

Caleb Rash

Cameron Silvergate

Yiwen Tang

Ryan Tetrault

Lizzy Woods