Board of Investigators & Advisors Co-chairs

Jessica Holtsclaw, BIA Co-chair 2018-19
Austin Offnick, BIA Co-chair 2018-19

The Board of Investigators and Advisors (BIA) is a group of dedicated students who have two roles. As advisors, BIA members provide knowledge, guidance, and support to students moving through the student conduct process so that they can be at their best during a stressful time. Additionally, the BIA serve as objective fact-finders when investigating matters of academic misconduct.

The BIA is led by two co-chairs, Jessica Holtsclaw and Austin Offnick. Both seniors, they were attracted to the role for the opportunity it presented to give back to the Wake Forest community in a meaningful way. BIA members have a chance to meet with students outside their peer group and positively impact their lives. Jessica and Austin both chose this role in an effort to help students from across a wide spectrum of the student body learn from a bad decision and realign their values and commitments.

“My main goal whenever I am meeting with a student for the first time is to reassure them that I in no way judge them for what is written in their file. I want them to know that they are more than what a piece of paper depicts them to be. If students walk away feeling better about themselves than they did when they first arrived at our meeting, I have done my job.”

Austin Offnick, BIA co-chair

All of our BIA members were selected for their potential to create a non-judgmental and empathic environment for students and for their ability to sift through complex information and help students navigate a process with integrity. This important leadership position gives students the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount while serving the University. Listening to students with empathy is something that Jessica and Austin both have to employ in the role.

“Often times, the students I interact with are scared and apprehensive to trust me, so learning how to better interact with them empowers me to better do my job and help them through a difficult time.” – Jessica Holtsclaw, BIA co-chair

Students who are interested in the Board of Investigators and Advisors can look for an application in the early spring. There are 16 BIA members serving at any time. We are looking for students who are perceptive, impartial, dedicated, trustworthy, and empathic.

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