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Student Conduct at WFU

The Board of Investigators and Advisors (BIA) is a group of dedicated students who have two roles. As advisors, BIA members provide knowledge, guidance, and support to students moving through the student conduct process so that they can be at their best during a stressful time. Additionally, the BIA serve as objective fact-finders when investigating matters of academic misconduct.

Students encountering the undergraduate conduct process are provided with the option to use the support of a Student Advisor from the Board of Investigators and Advisors (BIA). The BIA was established to answer questions students may have about the conduct process as well as help students prepare for an administrative hearing (AH), summary action meeting (SA), or Honor and Ethics Council (HEC) hearing. Student Advisors, through ongoing education and training, represent the most qualified individuals to assist with your particular case.

When students are charged with a code of conduct violation, they will receive a letter detailing the incident in question, the related charges, and the resolution options. Additionally, the letter will detail the BIA process. Students who are are going through an Administrative Hearing or Honor and Ethics Council hearing will be assigned a BIA member. Students whose case is being resolved through a Summary Action meeting can request a BIA member using the instructions detailed in their letter.

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