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Dean's Message - September 2018

Dear Members of the Community,

At the beginning of every academic year, I often reflect about the importance of community – specifically, how we welcome our newest members into our fold. Each ...

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Deacs Decide 2018

Deacs Decide is a highly collaborative, campus-wide political engagement project. The program aims to raise awareness about issues at stake in the midterm election; educate the campus and ...

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CARE Team Assessment Data

We often observe individuals struggling and don’t know the best way to help. The CARE Team serves the Wake Forest University community by assessing, responding and evaluating disruptive, ...

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Benson University Center Student Managers

Benson University Center Student Managers 2018-19

Whether you’re a student, staff member or visitor to campus, you’ve probably been to the Benson University Center, but what you may not know is that Benson relies on a dynamic team of Student ...

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Accessing CARE Services

Let’s cut to the chase: when you kick off the Fall semester no one expects to be having a hard time come midterms, homecoming or final exams. Many of you have spent the summer traveling, ...

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